Wednesday, August 24, 2011


“GO, GO, HIT THE SHUTTLE”!! I said. Every Friday in the hall Room 17 have badminton training with Laureen which was a great badminton player for a old person (not that old), but this week, we had a different coach named Donna who had a WHOLE different style and was way younger. We did a lot of activities like badminton soccer, we played badminton, and we learned some and lots more, we even got taught some really cool strikes we could do. I was very excited, BUT also nervous.

How to play badminton you might ask?? Well, you could play in teams of two, or just one on one. The whole point of the game is to hit the shuttle, get it over the net and let it bounce on your opponents side, you then just rally for more points and then see who wins. BUT, it’s not easy. For some people badminton is natural for them, but me, hitting the shuttle could be pretty hard and I could get easily frustrated from it, but with more perseverance and determination, I knew that I could do way better.

Over in the hall we learned lots of different hits and strikes. We learnt the backhand, the forehand and the overhead shot. Hitting the shuttle with these strikes, I got more and more better at badminton. I knew that I could do it, it was actually a pretty easy thing to do when I started to get the hang of it.

The activities we did with Donna were great, we played a game called badminton soccer, the activity to help us do the over hand strike, and the best of all, BADMINTON!! MAN all games were funny, competitive, frustrating (again), and a whole heap of FUN. Badminton soccer was cool but sadly I lost. Playing badminton was the best part of the whole training session. Man I was beating a lot of people and some of those people were the natural badminton players(I think that I am on their level now). Man badminton was great.

I loved badminton that day, and would love doing every Friday. To make it even better, our class split up and we went into a class that went strait to badminton, WHICH WAS AWESOME.

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