Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday Highlight

In the holidays I went to the pools with my family. Firstly we got our cloths, towles and togs ready for swimming and after swimming. We went to the Papatoetoe pool. I went with my older cousin in his car and the rest of my family went in their own cars. After we were all ready we drove of to the pools

When we got to the pools it took for ages to find a parking so we just parked at the Plaza. When we found our parking we went inside. It was free so we just walked inside. I was very excited to hope in the pool so I quickly got changed and went to the outside pools. “Its cold as” I said as I hoped in the pool. As i was playing with my cousins I started to get use to the coldness.

“Come out and have a rest” my dad yelled out to us. We had to go out because we had to eat. We ate chips, sandwiches and some other stuff. After we ate we had to wait for twenty or thirty minutes long until we could go back in the pool again. when our thirty minutes was up we went back in to the pool.

When we hoped in the pool we were fighting over my cousins beach ball that she brang. My dad took it of us and we all started to play volleyball in-side the pool. We played lots of games like this diving game that we played. The person who could go the longest wins and my cousin Jack went all the way to the end of the pool.

When we were finished in the pool we got changed and we went back home to have a rest. I had a lot of fun at the pools and I would like to go there again with my family and my

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  1. Hey Crusader

    I wanted to go to the pool too but I couldn't. Anyway I liked your story about going to the Papatoetoe pools it was very good. Keep up the good work.


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